Asset Management for critical infrastructure

Managers of critical infrastructure, such as water supply, electricity generation, and transport, have more tools available than ever before to manage these assets. At the same time public scrutiny of utilities and public infrastructure has never been higher.

With the advent of the internet of things, network digitisation, and an evolving regulatory and technical standards environment, asset managers need to keep pace with the rate of change and learn from colleagues in related or complementary sectors.

Asset Management for Critical Infrastructure will bring together the utility and infrastructure industries to discuss the latest news and techniques in the sector and explore practical applications that can improve the way assets are managed, from water pipelines to electricity networks and railway lines.

The two-day conference will explore:

  • How the Internet of Things (IoT) is enhancing management processes
  • If companies are using Big Data to their advantage
  • The impact augmented reality and artificial intelligence could have on Australian assets
  • Predictive maintenance – the white knight of asset management
  • The role of the ISO 55000 standard and how it has been successfully implemented
  • Planning best practices
  • How drones/UAVs and GIS are changing the way we manage assets
  • Managing risks: how to stay ahead of the game and detect problems before they occur
  • Budget considerations: what gets top priority?
  • Balancing the construction of new assets with maintaining existing assets
  • How large organisations manage a diverse range of assets across states and sectors

EVENT SCHEDULE / At Asset Management, you’ll hear from

Welcome Remarks

Paul has led strategies to enable the delivery of products and services to Sydney Water customers to ensure that Sydney remains one of the most liveable cities in the
Steve Doran

Keynote: Leading innovation in asset management

Steve Doran is the Director of Infrastream, a firm established in 2008 that specialises in supporting clients for better asset management outcomes. Steve is also
Jonathan Avery

Updates to ISO 55000: What the industry should know

Jonathan Avery is a National Sector Manager at Standards Australia. In this role, Jonathan leads standardisation initiatives with a particular focus on energy and electrotechnology, environment and

Speed networking

Delegates have the chance to meet like-minded colleagues in their industries through this speed networking session. A structured and fun activity that will get conversations flowing and allow delegates
Paul Higham

Customer centric asset management

Paul is the Manager of Development Infrastructure and Portfolio Services, which supports Sydney Water’s infrastructure investment portfolio and drives the development partnerships that contribute to Sydney’s liveability

Predictive maintenance panel

A selection of utility and infrastructure asset managers will discuss key predictive maintenance techniques and explore the best ways these can be implemented into a business’ asset management program.
Keith Paintin

Demystifying the Internet of Things

Keith is a qualified Asset Management Consultant with over 35 years industry experience, in both the public and private sector, 25 of which were in the UK
Greg Tyrrell

Innovative use of drones in management of critical infrastructure

The commercial operation of drones in Australia dates back to the early 1990s and has evolved rapidly in recent years with the introduction of low cost, highly capable systems.

Innovation panel

Key industry experts with experience in new asset management technologies and methods will discuss the new innovations in the sector and how they can be best utilised by companies
Chris Bland

Closing remarks

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